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Augier Residence

The Augier Residence stands as a testament to our commitment to revitalizing spaces with an exquisite blend of legacy and contemporary living. This transformation of an existing wooden house on pillars into a two-level modern haven showcases our dedication to preserving tradition while embracing the conveniences of modern life. The ground level now features a serene bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a versatile multipurpose room, and a central living-kitchen-dining area that forms the heart of the home. The outdoor space is thoughtfully designed, featuring a covered terrace, an outdoor kitchen, a pool deck, expansive parking, and a designated sport area—a harmonious marriage of practicality and recreation. The top level, meticulously remodeled, unfolds into three comfortable bedrooms and two well-appointed bathrooms, complemented by a cozy living area. Augier Residence, named after its legacy, stands proudly as a completed project, inviting residents to enjoy an outdoor oasis where large windows seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living.

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