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Francois Development

Francoise Development is an ultramodern Development , featuring 29 villas atop a scenic hill. Four of these villas have three to four levels, each hosting two stylish 1-bedroom apartments. The remaining 25 villas offer luxurious 1-2 bedroom apartments over four levels.
Central to the development is a hotel oasis with 40 opulent rooms. The hotel's rooftop boasts a pool and a 360-view restaurant, creating an immersive dining experience with stunning scenery.

Crafted entirely in concrete with a flat roof design, Francoise Development exudes durability and modernity. Large glass windows flood each space with natural light, offering panoramic views of the surroundings.

Open spaces and lush greenery enhance the tranquility of the hillside location, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and nature. The project is a testament to innovative design, executed with precision engineering and advanced construction technologies.

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